Friday, October 24, 2008

New Blog, New Blogger Template, and a Li'l Dust

I have finally moved to my new blog! I am currently living in Cologne, and have a blog for my time here, but since I will be moving back the the US very soon, then I will need a blog that is more broad than just my time in Cologne. So I have been getting this blog ready to launch for when I return back to the US.
One advantage to having this new blog is I have done a little bit of extra work to create a better template, and also to remove the 'nofollow' tag on the comments. For info on the dofollow movement read my last post. It will explain what 'nofollow' is. I have removed the tag in hopes of getting more visitors to the site, and also more comments here.  
Since the new blog is still pretty new, please expect to see a little bit of dust on here.  I am still working on features, and coding, however I think it is coming along nice, and a lot more how I would like it to look.  
People that are familiar with my Cologne Blog might notice that I also imported all of my posts from that blog into here including any comments.  I did this because I will soon be abandoning that blog, and the posts are still relevant to this one.  
Let me know what you think!  Comments are always appreciated, and for those looking for a link, enjoy some link love with your quality message!

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