Friday, October 24, 2008

Widget for Blogger Brings in More Visitors and Comments

Working in the field of internet marketing has brought me all sorts of insights into the business than I had ever known before.  There are so many tips and tricks that can be used, and so many variables that effect the number and quality of the visitors on your site.  Content is absolutely crucial to bringing in visitors to a blog.  If you don't have the proper content, get out, because you do not have anything to offer your visitors!  Content drives the search engines, and it is also what keeps visitors to coming back to your site.  

Now there is not widget installed here that brings visitors to this blog, however, as has been experimented on several other sites, having the keywords in the title of this post will be the right keywords in to bring in more visitors.  Perhaps you are one of them?  Again, content is key to any high ranking, high traffic site.

A recommendation that I have for blogs as well is to join in on the dofollow movement.  Dofollow refers to removing the 'nofollow' tag in the code of the comments section of a blog.  The 'nofollow' tag makes it impossible for search engines to pull out link information that a commenter has left on a blog, and therefore taking away the reward of the commenter.  On this blog, you will see that the 'nofollow' tag has been removed, and yon the top of the page you can see the badge that reads "U comment I follow" letting readers know that the tag has been removed.  This should help reward visitors with a link for visiting and commenting on the site.  

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Filme Kaufen und Verkaufen said...

Hey Andrew! The new blog and template look great! I am glad that you decided to join the DOFOLLOW movement! I clicked on an ad for you . . .