Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obamamania in Deutschland!

Credit: United States Senate
Copyright: Public Domain

Ok, so we aren't slaughtering our best bulls for Obama like they are in Kenya, but there was a feeling of relief here in Germany today. Anyone who has been paying attention to the election knows that Obama was very much favored by the world population, and that is very much true here in germany. Polls conducted in Germany stated that over 80 percent of Germans would have voted for Senator Barack Obama if they were able to. Everyone I speak to is a supporter of Obama here, except for one friend who said (before the election) "I hope that McCain wins, because Heidi Klum said she would go back to Germany if he does!"

I stayed up a lot of the night watching the election, and even here there has been a lot of talk building up about it the past few weeks. It was obvious to me that this election meant a lot more to a lot more people than the election did four years ago. Germans, who feel very betrayed by Bush's actions, especially in Iraq, are ready for change, just as the world seems to see this change in Obama.

I went into work this morning wearing my red white and blue, and throughout the day many people congratulated me as if I had won personally myself. My coworkers helped me by being witnesses on my absentee ballot, so they knew that I was closely following the election. I think that many people here want to have a positive picture of America again, and Obama, and the odds that were against him, are a beacon of hope to the world.


Adium IM Client said...

It seems like the whole world has gotten a little bit of Obamamania! It looks like there is a lot going on where you are right now.
Nice Post!

Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets said...

It's been great to see how celebrated Obama's victory has been all over the world. The new sense of optimism and unity can be enough to bring great changes to this nation! Thanks for this post, very well written.

bkr4950 said...

Hey Andrew! I'm glad things are going well for you in Germany. We miss you here! Love, Bernadette

Andrew's Breakfast said...

@Adium: It's great to see you here! Surprisingly, even now there is still a bit of Obamamania here . . . People still shout to me "Yes We Can!" everywhere I go! Thanks for posting!

@Dirt Cheap: Thank you for the compliments. Yes, I agree with you, and I think no matter how good of a job Obama does . . . what is important at the moment is the change in attitude that people seem to have.

@Bernadette: Hey, you!!! I am so glad to hear from you, and thanks for posting!!! I miss you (and you all) too!!! :) It isn't much longer before I will be back in the US, and we should do some catching up! Thanks for adding the Bernadette touch to my blog, it needed it!!!