Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get My Photo in Cosmo!!!

OK, so I posted a few days ago about it, but I took some photos for my roommate and her friends for a contest about the TV show Sex and the City for a TV station here in Germany. One of the photos that I took landed a top 15 spot in the contest. I am not a sex and the city watcher, nor do I read cosmo, but I am still pretty excited!

Please vote for our photo!!!!

The winning photograph gets 4000 euros for shopping and an article published in Cosmopolitan Magazine in Germany. The girls get the shopping, and I get a sweatshirt and my photo published.

The site is in German but directions are easy!!!!!!

1. Follow the link (opens in a new window):

2. Click on the button for picture #4. The text says "Bild Nr. 4" If you click on "Lupe" the image will zoom in.

3. Once the button has been selected, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "absenden".

That's it!!!! Voting will go through the month of November!

Thank you, and it would be great if you have a friend who can do the same!!!!


Home Brew Supplies said...

I Voted For Y'all! Best of luck, and thanks for the link!

Andrew's Breakfast said...

@Home Brew: Thanks! It would be really cool if we can win this contest, and every vote will count! This sounds quite familiar to something else . . . what did I vote for recently . . . hmmm

75 ball bingo said...

I just voted for yours, I really like your photo, good luck!! ;)

Sandi@Date Palm said...

Of course your picture wins hands down! The colors the action... no question!