Saturday, November 1, 2008

Contest Entry Photoshoot

A few days ago, my roommate, Agathe, had asked me if I could help her and her friends with a contest that they were entering. The contest requirements were to make a photo that depicts themselves in the television series Sex and the City. I was very willing to help since almost all of my photography here has revolved around my travels, and taking pictures in very touristy situations. My roommate and her friends got dressed up and did all of their own makeup and hair, and we went out to the train station to get some photos. I do not have hardly any experience in photographing people, so it was good for me to apply direction. I told them where to walk, how to hold themselves, etc. Even though we ran out of time due to the sunlight fading down, I was really pleased with the way that some of the photos turned out. It is not abnormal, but I took almost 100 photos in 10 minutes, and have come out with about five photos that I am pleased with.
As we were out at the train station, there were many people that were stopped to watch us. My roommate told me that because I was speaking English to them and taking pictures, people probably thought that there was something important going on. Even though I am not a watcher of the show, I still had fun taking the pictures, and was glad to help out, and get some practice in. I am wishing them luck in the contest!

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Bill Bolduc said...

Nice photo. You seem to be reallllly enjoying yourself in Europe!