Friday, October 31, 2008

A Great Visit from Slovenia!

One of the best parts of being over here in Europe is knowing that I always have someone that I can count on somewhere close by me. I have had the pleasure, of course, of making new friends here, but in addition I have friends here from before I arrived this summer. I have my friend Michael in Baden-Wuerttemberg that I have visited a couple of times (and still will more), I have Anna a few hours away in Poland, my German roommates from the US are now back here, and many other wonderful people, like my friend Brigita who lives in Ljubliana, Slovenia.
A couple of weekends ago (sorry for the late post), Brigita drove about eleven hours to get from Ljubliana to Cologne, to come visit for a weekend. It was not her first time in Germany, as we had studied together in Bremen in 2006, but it was her first time in Cologne. I was thrilled to see her again, and had the opportunity to show her around the city.
We saw pretty much all of the major sites in the city, including the world famous Dom Cathedral, the bank of the Rhine River, the Altstadt (old city), and some good shopping. We ate Turkish food, ice cream, and sampled a couple of German beers. Most importantly though, we spent a lot of time just hanging out all weekend and catching up.
It is a wonderful feeling to know that even when so far away from home, there are still plenty of people that care about you, just like great friends like Brigita. Just thought I could give a small post to share in my excitement, even though it was a couple of weeks ago!


Thomas Krimi said...

Hey Andrew . . . Great post! Although I do not have any friends in Slovenia, I do know what you mean as far as having friends in some of the strangest places. We should never forget the people that we meet, as we never know if we will cross their paths again one day.

Hawaii exotic girls said...

Europe must be such a cool place because of it's proximity and easy access to so many different amazing countries. Out here in Hawaii, it's isolated as can be, even from the rest of the US! But that's ok, there is TONS to do here, so I'm happy :) Like the blog, and if you ever happen to come out my way, let me know!

Andrew's Breakfast said...

@Thomas - Thanks! I completely agree with you. Even though we may have friends far away, it does not mean that we won't see them again. A friend of mine here in Germany, I met over four years ago, and I have seen him on three seperate occasions, which is pretty amazing. Thanks for visiting!

@Hawaii - It's great to see someone here from the islands! You are right, and it is pretty strange that so many cultures can exist here within such short distances in Europe, but I think I am equally jealous (especially at this time of year) of your sunshine, and sandy beaches! Come back and visit the blog again!

Promotions said...

I love Europe, I can see that you enjoy traveling and you have visited a lot of places, good for you, I was in cologne 7 years ago and I loved it, people are amazing, your post remembered me that trip.

Slotstop said...

Hey Andrew - Great post!
I've been there 5 times and every time it makes me feel like it is the first time.
Thanks for story.