Sunday, September 7, 2008

Neue WG und der Kölner Zoo

So I suppose I have a habit of not updating sometimes, but really I have been waiting for something really exciting to happen, and the past couple of weeks have been pretty mundane for the most part, or at least not worth writing about on here.  So now, I wanted to put up a post on my new apartment, and about my trip to the zoo today!

About three weeks ago, I moved into my new apartment.  I had to move because both of my other roommates were leaving, and it was easier for us to find three people to take the apartment than it was for us to find two people and have me stay.  My reason for leaving wasn't because it wasn't working out, because everything in the old apartment was great.  In the long run I am glad that I moved, because I am in a really great place!  My rent is cheaper, the building is nicer, and I have great roommates again.  The apartment is student housing right by the university, and it is very roomy inside.  I have posted a link at the bottom of this post with the pictures I just took of my bedroom and some of the rest of the apartment.  There are five of us living here, and we all get along very well.  Most days after work, we are all cooking food together, and chatting for a few hours.  It is very much like a family atmosphere, and enjoy spending time together.  

Another thing about my apartment that I am thrilled about is having my flags on the walls of my bedroom!  Whenever I go to a new country or city, I always like to buy a flag from there.  Anyone that has ever walked into my bedroom in the past few years will know what I am talking about, because my bedroom walls used to be covered in giant flags from the world.  Now, I have about eight flags from my time here so far this trip, and have put them up on the walls.  They are great reminders of my travels, and they also remind a bit of home, because it feels like my old bedroom.  Check out the pics to see them on the walls!

Today was a fun Sunday, as two of my roommates, a friend from Scotland, and I all took a trip to the Cologne Zoo.  It was great fun, and was pretty much like any zoo, even though maybe not as great as the NC Zoo (for all of y'all back home!).  I got to take lots of pictures, since I haven't really gotten a chance to use my camera in a while, and got some good shots of some of the animals who were actually quite active.  Another benefit of going to the zoo, was that it really helped my vocabulary with learning how to say some of the animals' names in German.  We had a lot of fun, and came back to the apartment to cook dinner this evening.

That's about all that I have for this post.  I am looking forward to writing my next one, because this coming weekend I will be visiting my friend Anna who lives in Warsaw, Poland.  She says she is going to show me around Warsaw, and Krakow, and possibly her hometown.  It's a lot to fit in in a weekend, but I am taking the night train on Thursday evening, and will arrive Friday morning.  I guess I will have more on that later!

I like reading comments!  Let me know that you're reading!


mary said...

your apartment looks great!!!!!!! love your flags. Glad everything is working out well. Just remember we miss you bunches back in NC.

Keely said...

I like reading your updates. I think zoos are cool, but I haven't been to one since I was like 10! Flags are cool. The end.