Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ein Herde von Schafen in der Stadt . . .

So I really ought to keep my camera with me when I am out and about in Cologne. Today I had a small errand to run on the complete opposite part of town, and my route to get there involved riding my bike along the Rhine River. There is a path that runs along the whole river, and there are lots of bikers, runners, rollerbladers, and weekend strollers scattered along the whole way. The really strange part was that I was riding along and there is a bit of grass in between the path and the grass, and in this grass I heard a simple "baaaa" coming from behind some bushes. I investigated further down another little path towards the water, and there was a whole entire heard of sheep grazing in the grass and in the bushes! This is in the city mind you, with the Dom Cathedral only a few hundred meters away. I asked some folks who were also checking out the curious critters, and they told me that it is completely normal. The sheep graze along the river from a neighboring town, and they are seen quite often apparently.
Sorry I don't have any photos. It would have been cool to show the sheep with the city in the background. If I see them again, I hope I will have my camera. That's all for this post, I just wanted to share!

EDIT: Thank you to Stephan for finding a great link to the photo that I didn't get!  Click Here!

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