Thursday, November 27, 2008

Convert Your Pictures to Text at

I have another random post, but I feel that this website I have found deserves some credibiiity. Today I have come across the website called It is a very simple concept, but very fun to use. Basically all you have to do is upload your picture to their website, and choose which text format you want to use; HTML, ASCII, or Matrix. HTML can produce color images by changing the color of the text, ASCII can create very simple text images, and Matrix creates very fun pictures that look very much like the Matrix film. After converting your image, you have what looks like your image, except it is all text. You can copy and paste it and put it in an email, a word document, whatever you want. I used it today to write a Happy Thanksgiving email by converting an image of a turkey into text.
This also saves the hassle of large picture files in an email if it is something simple like just a cartoon turkey! even allows you to choose what characters you want to use- for example I could use my favorite song lyrics to make up a picture, or if it is a picture of a Turkey I can use the letters found in the word "turkey". As an example, I have a picture of me swimming. I used blue text and converted into ASCII format. Have fun with it, and go check it out at!


Sire said...

That is amazing. It sort of takes me back to the old days of programming where you could do simple pictures by filling out spaces in a computer card. I don't suppose anyone would remember those times.

Andrew's Breakfast said...

@Sire: Haha, that is going way back! Even since I have made this post, I have used the text-image several times. It makes it really easy to add a picture to an email that won't bother people for taking up too much inbox room.
Thanks for comin' over here! I will be on your blog more often!

Grilled Fish said...

Wow! Quite honestly, this is one of the coolest websites I've seen so far. I had always wondered how macros were so easily made, and now I know my answer ;)