Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The First Blog Post! - Herzlich Wilkommen!

So if you are reading this, I probably gave you my blog address so that you know more about my life in Germany. There's also a slight chance I suppose that people may stumble upon this blog from google, in which case, if you find this interesting, go nuts! I know that there are a lot of people who will want to see pictures, or hear about what I am doing, including friends, relatives, and probably even my parents' co-workers. All are welcome!

The title of my blog is "Andrew Gegen Koeln" which translates to Andrew versus Cologne, and even though I do not consider myself against Cologne, it sounded like a fun name for the blog!

One thing that I am really sad about is that I will be leaving all of my friends, and family behind for the next six months. I am currently still at UNCW, and the thought of finishing and not coming back in the fall is really hard to deal with. I have had so many experiences here at school, and have met so many wonderful people. There is still so much at UNCW that I would like to do! However, one cannot stay too comfortable for too long, so I am moving on to other things.

A couple months ago, I accepted an internship in Cologne with a company called Hitflip Media Trading. You can visit their website at http://www.hitflip.de/ or at http://www.hitflip.co.uk/ for more information on what they do. I will be living and working in the city center of Cologne and marketing the company's services in the United Kingdom. I have signed my contract, and I begin work on June 2, and my last day is November 28.

Luckily, I am not too unfamiliar with the city. I have spent a couple of days there before during my travels in 2006 while studying abroad in Bremen, Germany. The city is absolutely beautiful, with lots and lots going on! The picture attached to this post is a picture I took in 2006, and is taken from a bridge on the Rhine River looking at the city center, where I will be working, and living.

I will have plenty of time to experience a different place, with a different culture, improve my German, see old friends, and make new ones! Most importantly, however, I want to be able to keep in contact with all of you. This is my communication to you, and I hope that it will open up an opportunity for you to communicate back to me. Please feel free to leave comments on the blog, send me an e-mail, message me on facebook, or catch me on Skype while I am gone!

Thanks For Reading!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew, it's Taylor! Best of luck to you in Germany. I'll be studying abroad in Morocco this summer, so if you're ever in Spain, drop me a line and maybe we can meet up.